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Not metal and not stone, but enamel was considered by jewelers of firm as the most effective remedy of art expressiveness. Reviving ancient art, they addressed to its decorative receptions again. Any jeweler firm in the world did not use enamel so widely and in such variety of flowers and shades as Fabergé's firm.

If to peer attentively at "svetik", it is possible to see that each egg is unique, individually ornamented. It bears in itself certain information narrates the figurative language about eternity, a spiritual enlightenment. At the same time the general composite and stylistic elements of construction the Patten corbel are inherent in "svetika" "beskonechnik", an immortality symbol represents. This peculiar sign system can be considered oberegovy. The ornament conditionally shares on three parts: top (heavenly world), average (terrestrial), lower (underground world).

Color of wood – the most important quality of its decorative expressiveness making esthetic and emotional impact on the person. Therefore the considered, conscious use of color in each product from a tree, whether it be a sculpture or decorative work is necessary. Color can create joyful or sad mood, emphasizing emotional treatment of an image or the life situation opened by the author.

Sovereigns sometimes acted as peculiar controlers: so, Alexander III recommended to paint eggs not only flowers, but also ornaments, loved integral glass products with the engraved pattern.

It is remarkable that a cross, being a symbol, itself it could be designated by some subjects and signs symbolically. The square was a symbol absolute and therefore the cross is in certain cases designed in it, and the square can replace a cross. From here square form of an altar.

The heavenly symbolics is expressed by the white, blue, blue colors which are shown in the form of clouds, rain drops. Power streams of the heavenly world gradually pass to the terrestrial world, between them always there is a power exchange.