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The Pirsovy form is characteristic for sea and ports at abrupt falling of the coast and rather narrow strip for the port territory. Piers are formed in the form of the artificial constructions which are taken out to the port water area. wide and narrow piers.

At purpose of width of an entrance it is necessary to look for a compromise between two requirements. Conditions of the best protection of an demand reduction of width of an entrance, and for convenient calling of vessels and structures port it is desirable for wide to have an entrance.

Narrow piers are quite expedient at the device of moorings for freights which storage is concentrated in the isolated (grain, oil). For grain moorings width of a pier is defined only by need of placement of a conveyor and the device of fire journey. Dimensions of an oil pier are defined by conditions of placement of. Thus, considering possibility of concentration of hoses in a middle part of the vessel, length of a pier becomes, and for mooring of the vessel in its continuation ­ the pala connected to piers the transitional bridge.

In many ports where considerable inflow (London, Bremen are shown, etc.), the part of pools becomes with locks. At rather small goods turnovers domestic river vneruslovy ports usually incorporate one-two ladles.

Optimum configuration of port — ruslovy or vneruslovy (and it is possible and mixed) — gets out on the basis of technical and economic comparison taking into account topographical, hydrological and operational conditions. At comparable technical and economic indicators nevertheless the preference should be given to vneruslovy configuration.

Along with advantages, vneruslovy ports have also. Usually creation of artificial water areas of vneruslovy ports is connected with large volume of earthwork. The of the water area complicates maneuvering of vessels. Lack of a promotes water pollution. Entrance sites of the canal quite often are exposed to an intensive zanosimost. For a zanosimost, and also for simplification of calling of vessels its channel trace under perhaps smaller corner to an axis of a ship on the river.

Common fault of all types of an open mooring — excessive prolixity of all communications. At a of all areas of port to one line its is at a loss. To merits it is necessary to refer freedom of maneuvering of vessels when approaching them to moorings and usually zanosimost of the water area.

The broken tracing of moorings should be applied on a site of the course when the flattening of the line of a cordon is usually connected with excessively large volume of earthwork. At small angles of rotation the translation prikordonny from one group of moorings on another does not cause big though for this purpose usually it is necessary to do a small insert in a transitional zone. At big corners of a it is already necessary to resort to quite difficult system of railway tracks, and sometimes on separate groups of moorings it is not possible to carry out the railroad at all.