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However feelings, being the general motivation to a certain sort of actions, in itself are not motive of actions. So, mercenary aspirations can be satisfied with different actions. The motive is a short circuit of motivation on a specific goal. There cannot be conscious, but bezmotivny acts.

Installation is a stereotypic readiness to work in the corresponding situation definitely. This readiness for stereotypic behavior evolves from last experience. Installations are an unconscious basis of behavioural acts in which neither the purpose of action, nor requirement for the sake of which it is made is not realized. The following types of installations differ

From here, the motivational states caused by requirement are characterized by that the brain thus models parameters of objects which are necessary for satisfaction of requirement and the scheme of activities for mastering the demanded object. These schemes of the program of behavior – can be or congenital, instinctive, or based on individual experience, or newly created from experience elements.

Desires – a motivational state at which requirements are correlated to a concrete subject of their satisfaction. If the requirement cannot be satisfied in this situation, but this situation can be created, the consciousness orientation on creation of such situation is called as aspiration. The aspiration with distinct representation of necessary means and ways of action is intention. A kind of aspiration is the passion – resistant emotional aspiration to a certain object the requirement in which dominates over all other requirements and gives the corresponding orientation of all activity of the person.

Motivational states will mobilize consciousness for search of the corresponding purposes and adoption of the concrete decision. Adoption of the decision on specific action is connected with understanding of motive of this action, with conceptual modeling of its future result. The motive is an argument in favor of the chosen action, conscious motivation to achievement of a specific goal, a necessary element of conscious, strong-willed, deliberate action.

The motivational condition of the person is mental reflection of the conditions necessary for activity of the person as organism, the individual and the personality. This reflection of necessary conditions is carried out in the form of interests, desires, aspirations and inclinations.

The human behavior is activated by a wide range of the motives which are modification of his requirements: inclinations, interests, aspirations, desires, feelings. Concrete actions of the person are conscious in system of concepts. The person understands why it is necessary to achieve these objectives, he weighs it on scales of the concepts and representations.

The cognitive – informative installation (prejudice of the investigator concerning guilt of the suspect conducts to domination in his consciousness of accusatory proofs, justificatory proofs pale into insignificance)