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In transport mechanical engineering besides the developed countries such countries as South Korea, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Egypt are in the lead. In automotive industry on the first place there is Japan (9,9 million pieces), having overtaken the USA (6,5 million pieces). Further Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain follow.

This time was an era of rapid development of the United States of America. The USA substantially "were under construction" on foreign money. The whole branches of economy of the USA were under control of the foreign capital: for example, Germans possessed practically all pharmaceutical industry.

But on the other hand the restrictive measures doing import goods more expensive and, therefore, less available, than they could be, reduce a standard of living of many people. Therefore always in any country there are many supporters of free trade.

The overwhelming part of primary energy resources is consumed in the developed countries. But distribution of the extracting branches not so unambiguously. For example, on coal mining, natural gas, uranium ores the countries of the developed capitalism (about 9/1, and on oil production - developing (about 3/prevail.

The basis of land transport is made by railway, pipeline and automobile means of transport. A ratio of means of transport in freight and passenger traffic variously in the different countries of the world.

Ferrous metallurgy - one of the oldest industries which the enterprises for production and enrichment of ore and nonmetallic raw materials, for production of cast iron, steel, hire treat. Ferrous metallurgy is a basis of development of mechanical engineering and construction.

The animal husbandry is widespread worldwide. The main export countries of beef are Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands; pork - the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada; mutton - New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain; fowl - France, the USA, the Netherlands; wool - New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay.

Absolute advantages in production of products develop when one country can let out them more effectively, than another. Because of tropical climatic conditions and a geographical position Costa Rica, for example, can grow up bananas much cheaper, than make computers. The USA, on the contrary, have rather high technology, have the equipment and the trained workers for production of computers. As a result of the USA has absolute advantage in production of computers, and Costa Rica - in cultivation of bananas.

The majority of the states have no absolute advantages, however, they participate in international trade as have so-called relative advantages. Speak about relative advantages of this or that country in that case when the alternative cost of production of a product at it is lower, than at other states. Alternative cost is understood as quantity of goods and services which needs to be given in exchange for other goods and services.

Feature of mechanical engineering of the developed countries is the fullest structure of machine-building production, high quality and competitiveness of production; from here - a high exportnost and big specific weight machine-building production in a total cost of export (Japan - 64%, the USA, Germany - 48%, Sweden - 44%, Canada - 42%).

The general mechanical engineering is not uniform in developed and developing countries. In the first group of the countries the machine-tool construction, heavy mechanical engineering, production of the equipment, in another - agricultural mechanical engineering prevail. Leaders of machine-tool construction are Germany, Japan, the USA, Italy, Switzerland.

The greatest achievement of the person at the end of the XX century was creation of the Internet which is roughly developing and growing before our eyes. Thanks to emergence of perfect personal computers this worldwide network connects not only the states, various organizations, but also certain citizens of the different countries. It joined and in system of the world trade. Carrying out many trade and financial operations directly on the Internet is already organized.