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For its calculation the arithmetic sum of share prices of corporations undertakes and shares on a certain correcting divider. The method of calculation is quite simple, but, nevertheless, reflects character of an environment in stock exchange, to loudspeaker of business activity.

All securities arriving for sale at the exchange are subject to check for the purpose of identification of the most profitable and reliable. The commission on LISTING revealing a true financial position of the company-emiteta is engaged in check.

For increase of reliability amusing on it the special signature of the guarantor assuming responsibility for payment implementation is appended. This guarantor is called as the guarantor, and his signature - an aval.

4 The issuer has to find the guarantor, for a certain remuneration (commission) to share with it the responsibility connected with issue of securities. Primary securities market is very uncertain therefore the risk for the guarantor is rather great.

The profit of joint-stock company is divided into two parts: distributed and not distributed. Not shared profit goes for expansion and improvement of production. The shared profit goes for payment of dividends to members of joint-stock company.

PRIMARY SECURITIES MARKET is the market in which again issued securities and securities of the subsequent releases are realized. In primary market there is an initial placement of securities which usually are on sale face value. The issuer and the investor act on primary market.

The document is sent in joint-stock company where the certificate of actions according to the happened changes corresponds and changes are entered in the list of shareholders. After that owners receive new certificates. Dividends arrive into the specified account or the address.

There is an order (stipulated in the charter according to which each owner from the former receives the certificate of the rights showing, what number of again issued stocks he can buy and the price of sale.

The commercial bill acts as an instrument of payment - the debt obligation of a certain firm, appearing as a result of a payment delay according to the commodity transaction. The firm debtor does not pay money at once, and issues the bill.