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Other type of relief processing of sheet metal – metalplastic is widely known. At this equipment the product form, its relief come to light, molded by smooth deformations by the special tools reminding stacks of the sculptor. The works of art executed in equipment of metalplasticity by the form remind stamping from sheet material, but this similarity only the external.

The fourth way, when molding in metal forms, gives very pure surface of casting. And, despite considerable labor input of production of a form – the chill mold – it is more preferable at mass production. During the work with fusible alloys the way of molding in chill molds under pressure is widespread. It provides high precision of the cast detail and its minimum thin walls.

At the second way the model made of mix of paraffin and stearin (in the past applied wax), in the liquid state is removed from a form then the formed emptiness are filled with the melted metal.

In mansions and public buildings the great value was always attached to front staircases. On constructive signs and materials from which were produced, all ladders can conditionally be divided into three main types. To the first it is possible to carry all-metal, to the second – betonnokamenny, to the third – wooden. In turn each of these types has versions.

At the first way on model which can be from plaster, of a tree, plastic or metal, from forming mix prepare a casting mold which fill with liquid metal. Thus the form at extraction of casting collapses, it is used only once. Quality of casting depends on properties of the forming earth – mix of sand and clay –. Earth forms are prepared in special boxes and a molding.

Approximately in the XI century residents of Vyatka have large settlements and the cities from which Dedoslavl was distinguished (nowadays Dedilovo) where passed the general collecting – veche, there was a prince with a team and there lived many handicraftsmen.

There are various ways of casting of things and subjects of the different sizes. From them are most widespread casting in earth forms, on the melted models, in shell forms, in metal forms under pressure.

The jewelry executed in technology of stamping with attraction of other types of molding perfectly supplements a decorative attire of houses, enriching it and at the same time giving to structures distinctive features, allocating them from the lump of building of the street, quarter, the city.

Art stamping is subdivided into two main types differing on technology: according to a leaf or molding or an obron. In the first case from a leaf create a new work of art: in the second – only reveal and finish the form which is earlier created by the sculptor and cast or cut out from metal by equipment of an obron.

Decoratively – decorating is constrained, but simultaneous and is not strict. Decorative patterns of vegetable character are used. Repeatability of elements gives effect of a rhythm, art ornamentalnost and azhurnost.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries eaves and ridge cornices become a widespread and essential element of registration of stone architecture. Original cornices of that time now almost did not remain, but in most cases they are renewed. Often renewal was conducted with repetition of old samples.

But also metal imposes the requirements to drawing: its properties as material, dictate the terms. And they need to be known well. Only then it is possible to achieve original success when the embodiment and beauty, both durability, and compliance to the appointment find in a product. Masters of forge craft also aspired to it.

Difovka, a drift, stamping and stamping, – the main ways of processing of sheet metal. At a difovka, concentrating blows in certain places of sheet preparation and using various podkladny the tool, it is possible to receive products of various form.

There are some ways of processing of sheet metal: a piece, a scrap, cutting down, a prosechka, is flexible, a wave and twisting, and also molding and a drift, stamping and stamping, basmenny processing and pressing works on machines. Besides, there is a combined processing.