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Modern means of radio create a covering of the most part of the globe with long, averages and ultrashort radio waves. New radio of station is under construction and provided with the most modern equipment.

There are some main operations in any shop. This turning, drilling, cutting of a carving, etc. The main thing from machines of such shop is the multi-purpose lathe. What is the lathe? It is the machine with the mechanical drive with special tools which can cut or form metal parts. Metal which cuts out other metal, has to be very solid and so tools have to be made of very firm alloys of steel. The tool is directly very small in comparison with the mechanism which has to direct it.

Technological progress improves machine accuracy. Today's equipment can make parts with very high precision. It is possible to find a number of machines which can measure and check their production independently - machines which have to process parts mechanically and automatically. Such cars can hold parts which have to be measured and are capable to specify directly their exact sizes. A large number of such "clever" cars can be found in our industry today.

It is the new measuring device, more exact than old. The water freezing point in Centigrade scale - 0' and that on the scale of the Fahrenheit scale is + 32 '. Density of liquid air - is only a little less than waters.

Big progress is made in radio design, radio of communication, broadcasting radio and television from now on. We began to use so these means of communication that we cannot imagine our life without a thing it.

Work on improvement of space of television broadcasting - represents a great interest. Use of powerful external space of transfer, does possible to show on television of the program directly in huge territories.

Some of the aims of Soviet radio and TV are to help strengthen peace and friendship among nations, to provide the listeners and viewers with an objective review of events taking place in the world and to acquaint them with the life in the Soviet Union.

Scientists develop new processes and improve old to make metals and alloys which will meet modern requirements. One of the most interesting purposes - for example, to make metals stronger, in other words, to strengthen them strengthening them fibers.

Metals are mostly strong substances at a usual temperature and possess rather high point of melting except for mercury. They - mainly good conductors of heat and electricity, and silver - in this regard proves in the best way They can be extended in thin wires and be forged on thin sheets.

Around the world scientists read work with big surprise. A few physicists understood value at that time. Everyone wanted to learn in the greatest possible degree about the author. At what institute it trained? In whose laboratory he conducted the research?

On the right there is a rack with twelve test tubes on it. On a wall above a laboratory table it is possible to see Periodic Table of Elements. In buffet at the left you can see flasks of various forms and the sizes, different types of glass tubes, compensators (the condenser, filters, and so on, that is things without which any chemical experiment cannot be executed.

Gold, silver and copper were the first which could be used by the simple person as simply they were found by origin. Today we know more than sixty five metals available in rather large numbers which can be used in the industry.

Eleven giant dams of rock and soil (each 8 meters high above mean sea level) of cross the Gulf of Finland from Gorskaya in the north to Lomonosov in the south of the Gulf through Kotlin Island (Kronstadt Fortress).

To receive desirable characteristics in metals or to improve their properties started mixing metals and other substances. The first alloys which were created thus were sometimes stronger, more rigid, firmer and more elastic than metals from which they were created. To estimate now how many alloys exists in the modern world very difficult as their number increases daily.

As for their chemical properties at first it has to be mentioned, - that they change widely in extent of chemical activity: some very active and others - inert. The earth contains many metals useful to the person. From all metals which have to be used in the industry iron ores considerably the most important. The modern industry needs significant amounts of this metal as in the form of iron or steel.