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Use of gestures - symbols causes most of all misunderstanding. Often resort to them when do not know language which the partner speaks, but nevertheless seek to explain, assuming. That value of gestures - symbols is identical everywhere. This delusion brings to

believing that has to be guided by the same rules, as they. As a result representatives of the USA can be estimated by partners as too energetic, aggressive, and their aspiration to informal communication time is interpreted as familiarity.

Having touched on ethics issues, we get acquainted with an ethical standard, that is postulates of professional ethics of the businessman. Such postulates are the cornerstone of that it is possible to define as the ethical code of the businessman. Civilized businessman:

Do not wear clothes of bright flowers or too motley patterns. Conservatism in clothes is preferable to the head: suits of quiet tones and classical styles, monophonic light shirts, carefully picked up ties and what costume jewelry.

Surely, watch impression which you make and people around, but not for the sake of narcissism, and for itself corrections. And the most important it is necessary to remember some rules that about you thought as of the person - a sample in business and it is simple in life.

Driving the car, remember not only traffic regulations, but also passengers. It is optional to entertain them, but to take care of their conveniences it is necessary. Conduct the car quietly and smoothly, do not comment on behavior of other drivers and pedestrians.

The clothes which are diligently picked up, corresponding to time of day, testify to love to an order and esthetics, give good health, are a sign of taste, elegance, and also respect for people among which we are.

Flowers give to the business partners as a sign of a greeting, concerning a significant event or gratitude for participation in this or that action and. etc. Today do not attach great value to that any more, how many flowers and what color it is necessary to give otherwise. If you give flowers personally, give them in expanded form. In general it is necessary to emphasize that in all cases flowers are a pleasant gift.

Mastering a delicate manner of communication demands special knowledge of etiquette in general and administrative - is concrete. But the main thing consists in practical ability to be delicate. From here and wish: constantly to practise in mastering forms and methods of etiquette. It is very useful to know a set of rules - recommendations which practical development will help to solve successfully this problem'.

Intimate desires are the cornerstone of human behavior. First of all it is necessary to understand these desires, "then it is necessary to force your interlocutor to wish something. The person who tries to serve disinterestedly other people, gains huge advantage.

Any kinds of business activity in foreign economic activity are assumed by intensive business communication with the partners, potential consumers and suppliers, the numerous organizations providing transport, delivery of raw materials, semi-finished products and different types of production, etc.

Except purely business contacts, legal rules and ordinary human politeness provide also some other forms of communication of both official, and informal character. Treat them: congratulations on a holiday, condolences, answers, answers to them and some other forms of contacts which provide use of cards.

The solid data is necessary prior to negotiations. Let's assume, information is received. How it can be interpreted? If it is not enough money, perhaps it is poor or successfully with them operates. If there is a lot of money, perhaps they lie without the movement, perhaps it is rich, it is possible on its account there are borrowed funds.

But now and in our country the situation changes. First, the circle of people, connected by the nature of the activity with foreign partners considerably extended. Successfully to run business, they need to know the standard rules and norms of business communication, to be able to conduct negotiations and conversations.

Moral relationship as any others, demand a subtlety in the address, abilities to feel and sympathize, spare vanity of people. Politeness of communication is embodied in sensitivity, which by words