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Physical and mental culture. Deterioration of health at various groups of the population, especially at children and teenagers testifies to the low level of physical culture (owing to an adverse ecological situation, owing to an urbanization, reduction of contacts with the nature, etc.); deformation of a way of life as a result of a low level of development of physical culture of the population (in particular, alcoholization of the population, growth of number children's and female alcoholism; backwardness of improving forms of carrying out leisure (tourism, family sports festivals, competitions, etc.); lack of system of physical training of children and teenagers; low level of physical and mental culture of parents; growth of mortality owing to deterioration of all parameters of life.

The fan of the projects and programs connected with promotion and the statement of a healthy lifestyle is very wide. As a rule, they are developed in a number of the thematic directions and have various target orientation.

— educational and proforiyentatsionnye1, the persons focused on formation, seeking for the maximum realization of intellectual, emotional and creative opportunities in work. Process of training within such project has to supplement and compensate whenever possible costs of school education, covering all spheres of human activity: work, rest, family, profession, leisure, etc.

— professional adapting (the professional clubs creating conditions for the fullest self-expression of the identity of the expert, realization of creative potential of the person within the main profession, formation of professional ethics — clubs of farmers, businessmen, economists, nurses, etc.;