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Regulation of this share — directly or through an indicator of a ratio of growth rate of payment and labor productivity, certainly, does not cancel need of regulation of a ratio of dynamics of the prices and dynamics of a salary. Both aspects of regulation of compensation supplement each other at creation of the corresponding mechanisms and can promote more effective impact of this payment on development of economy in general.

Source of formation of a salary is the part of a necessary product. Public funds of consumption are scooped from the rest of the (gross) income. Thus as a source of the public funds of consumption going to workers of production of goods and members of their families the rest of a necessary product serves. And as a source of the public funds of consumption going to workers of the sphere and members of their families the product serves. In general a source of public funds of consumption is the part of cost of a product equal and firms representing net income in a monetary form.

The social funds directed on satisfaction of mass requirements – education, health care, culture, etc. social funds for satisfaction of needs of disabled members of society (pension, a grant, a ).

So, we will consider structure of the income of the population. In economic science concept the income (income) includes all monetary receipts of the specific person or a household for a certain period (month,. The income of a separate household is subdivided, as a rule, into three groups:

in the form of free or preferential service, which means are used generally in a collective order. Here expenses for education, on service and physical culture, cultural and educational expenses, grants for housing belong.

When forming structure of cumulative fund of a of material benefits and services it is necessary to observe first of all a reasonable proportion between a payment and public funds of consumption. is such ratio at which differentiations in earnings it is combined with educations, provision of pensions, a, with cultural development and sport.

in the form of monetary payments which are used generally in an individual order. Here on material security of children and pupils, and disabled people, payments for a temporary, payment of holidays belong;

the benefits connected with health protection, with ensuring long working capacity and formation of physically perfect person. Here expenses on a, development of physical culture and sport belong;