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This equation is expression of the rotating for all electronic voltmeters. The counteracting moment in devices is necessary for creation of unambiguous compliance of the measured size to a certain corner of a deviation of mobile part. In a case when the counteracting moment is created by a spiral spring, the counteracting moment will be

In electronic voltmeters the electronic converter and the measuring mechanism are structurally integrated. The converter can be lamp or. Measuring mechanism usually magnetoelectric.

Corner of an of the index of the measuring mechanism α = KVUKUPTSUUX = =kVUx, where KVU, KUPT — coefficients of transformation () according to VU and UPT, SU — sensitivity on a of the measuring mechanism; kV — coefficient of a of the electronic voltmeter; Ux — the measured.

Installations for checking of voltmeters are the devices intended for control, regulation and checking of measuring instruments of tension. Forms a basis for these devices sources of tension of the calibrated level.