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I tried to brainstorm ideas

On all cross partitions, in basic bearings, in openings of an arm of a rowing shaft, install wooden blinds with an opening in the middle with a diameter of 50-70 mm in fodder and nasal bearings of a deadwood pipe. End faces of an arm, a mortar and a surface of partitions around passing of a shaft cover with cretaceous paint.

In the first case of a target it is possible to produce from organic glass for the best aiming on them a vizirny pipe. But more often apply metal targets with the white opaque surface lit by the 40 W lamp.

The first punched hole of the light line is made for verification of the provision of the bases under the main cars and bearings of a valoprovod, and also the provision of arms and mortars on twin-screw vessels or apples on vessels with single-shaft installation.

The thread of a lamp 1 is projected by a collector 2 on a dot diaphragm This part of the optical scheme forms dot brand the Brand is supplied with five dot diaphragms with diameters: 0,01; 0,02; 0,05; 0,1 and 0,5 mm. The second part of the optical scheme forms a vizirny pipe It consists of a spherical meniscus 5 and an observation microscope

After production of boring of openings of an arm of a rowing shaft, a deadwood pipe control check of an axis of a valoprovod by installation on the centers of the chiseled openings of targets and its punched holes all over the world can be etc. made.

Use also various optical devices which treat the collimator with the telescope, a level and a vizirny pipe of standard geodetic devices to a punched hole of axes of valoprovod. The level finds application for a punched hole of axes of valoprovod with internal drilling.

After installation of targets pull which pass through an opening on a nasal partition of an engine room, through an opening at a mortar for single-shaft installation or at a fodder shergenya behind an arm of a rowing shaft at two-shaft installation and through cracks of targets. Shergenem is called a motionless rack with an opening which center lies on a theoretical axis of a valoprovod.

To keep the provision of these basic points on a mortar or apple, during construction put a control circle on which it is possible to redeem situation of an axis of a valoprovod. Similarly at construction put a circle on a nasal partition of an engine room for the same purposes.