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research of methods of accumulation of funds of the population for their investment into branches of economy, including through use of a regional loan and mortgage as internal sources of investments;

The expensive system of managing absolutely gave in to key factors of progress: high, high, technetronic technologies – in the country did not manage to adjust their reproduction; quality of work – productivity of intellectual work was not considered and not encouraged; quality of production – its increase is measurable economy of quality, and the system in all cases gave a priority to quantity and" a shaft "; production efficiency – its increments it is always equivalent economy of live work and demands continuous redistribution of labor between professions and the enterprises, branches, regions, however the expensive system excluded such redistribution (besides, increase of efficiency is inevitably interfaced to reduction of socially necessary expenses of work and, therefore, has to be followed by proportional drop in prices, but also it was incompatible with expensive system); vertical integration and interindustry forms of the organization of work; system of payment by efficiency of work when growth of a salary happens in proportion to economy of socially necessary expenses and economic costs.

Reinvestments – binding of again available investment funds by means of their direction on acquisition or production of new means of production for the purpose of maintenance of structure of fixed assets of the enterprise.

Own capital of the recipient includes the first three sources of investments. The last source is the loan capital of the recipient – the initiator of the project; these means belong to return on defined conditions (terms, the schedule, percent).

Popyatny formational turn, despite all its ostentatious radicalism, left to the country former macroeconomic problems and added to them heavy burden of others, for example – uncontrollability of economic processes. The reality visually proved the main thing: the market relations not so much overcome, how many intensify activity of economy of inflationary type.